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The Hands of Light Therapies

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Services offered to Care and Nursing Homes

Service suspended due to COVID-19 2020


I am currently working with local care and nursing homes enabling them to enrich the lives of their residents while also improving their         well-being. I specialise in treating people with life limiting, long term health conditions, disabilities and dementia having adapted my Reflexology treatments to include nurturing touch massage techniques, having trained with  Nicolle Mitchell http://www.massagefordementia.co.uk/

I have also trained with Angie Buxton-King completing the Healing in Hospitals and Hospices course  http://www.cancertherapies.org.uk/ and offer my services to St Lukes Hospice in Plymouth. 

A treatment can consist of:

  • Reflexology hand massage with the massage being extended to include the arms up to the elbows
  • Nurturing touch massage to the face and neck areas
  • Reflexology foot massage with the massage being extended up to the knees if required
  • Reiki Healing and Indian Head Massage 

Affordability is important to me, so I have set my costs accordingly:

  • I can treat 3 people at £10 per person 20 minute sessions
  • Or I can treat 2 people at £15 per person 30 minute sessions
  • Individual session at £30 per hour.
  • I do require a minimum booking of 1 hour to make my visit viable.

I am passionate about improving the well-being of others and with that in mind I want to be able to make my therapies accessible and affordable to those living within residential care. This means that those people who need it the most can experience the benefit of nurturing touch, providing a safe time and space for expression which could be the highlight of someone’s day. I want to feel that I have made a difference supporting their happiness and well-being, the benefits can have a positive psychological affect reducing anxiety, depression and inducing a sense of calmness and well-being.

Feedback from Care Home Registered Managers is that Care Quality Commission (CQC) are now looking for activities that provide enrichment to the residents that they care for and I would like to be a part of the enrichment support offered.

Consent will be required, and signatures obtained either from the individual providing that they have capacity, senior care staff can sign on behalf of the individual and for their LPA if they have discussed the therapy and obtained consent on behalf of the individual.

Prior to any treatments taking place I would need to be provided with some health information as part of my initial consultation to ensure that there are no contraindications that would prevent a person from receiving therapy.

To support the evidence that is required by CQC and to comply with GDPR all records are kept on file within the care homes, I am also willing to take part in any interviews that CQC may want to do during an inspection.  https://www.cqc.org.uk

After Treatment Care

Reiki Healing, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage is often used alongside conventional care in hospitals, hospices and other health care settings. To gain the maximum benefit from your treatment, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol in the hours immediately after your treatment.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.