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The Hands of Light Therapies

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Reiki Training - teaching on a 1-1 basis or two friends together
Training can take place on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday either two consecutive days or on your chosen day of no more than one week apart
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Reiki Healing Energy  (pronounced Ray-Key)

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Force Energy.

Life force energy is known within different cultures throughout the world as...

  • Ki or Chi in China.

  • Prana in Sanskrit.

  • Bio-plasmic energy by Russian scientists.

Reiki is a natural system of self healing promoting a deep relaxation, clarity of thought and an inner calm. Reiki enhances any other form of treatment and can be used professionally or for your soul purpose.

Reiki is a wonderful journey of self discovery, spiritual progression and a system of self healing stress reduction.

Reiki Healing Energy was re-discovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Educated at a Buddhist school in Japan, Dr. Usui was interested in healing and using life force energy without the individual depleting his or her own universal energy.

Reiki was brought to the western world by Mrs Hawayo Takata, a daughter of Japanese immigrants living in Hawaii. Before Mrs Takata’s death in 1980 she had trained twenty-two Reiki Master Teachers. 

Amanda has been a Reiki teacher since 2001 over the years she has worked out of several healing clinics offering Reiki treatments, taught classes in adult education for the WEA and supported people with drug addictions working with the Reiki energy.

Reiki Training is on an individual basis, over two days.  The Reiki energy is free, your personal investment is for my time, knowledge and experience, each course can be tailored to your specific level of understanding depending on your needs.


Learning my reiki 1 with Amanda was a great, comfortable experience that created a relaxed atmosphere to learn something new. Amanda's energy is a pleasure to be around, which was noticeable before I began my reiki learning. Amanda is kind, knowledgeable about reiki practice which allowed my learning of reiki to flourish with one to one session training . I would recommend Amanda for reiki training if you enjoy a calming learning environment and wish to learn from a great teacher. Learning reiki has not only changed my life so far but has brought confidence into learning the practice even more. . 

Faye Channing
Progression Within Reiki

For people with First or Second Degree certificated training

Reiki Refresher 6 Hours CPD with certificate of attendance personal investment £60 for those who have previously received their full training with me, or if you have trained with another Reiki Teacher £70 with the full Reiki Teaching manual of your particular level.

Full certification for First Degree Reiki is also available for those that have attended the Reiki Energy workshop at the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre by attending a full day 6 hours additional training at a cost of £70 full manual included.

Once you have been attuned to Reiki you will have it for life but sometimes day to day living takes twists and turns, and maybe you have lost your Reiki confidence or you would like to update your skills and knowledge, then this 6 hour CPD course is ideal for you.  Specific to your current level of Reiki training and the aspects that you would like to revisit, or you may just fancy a few hours of self-care filled with the lovely Reiki energy.  You do not need to have trained with me to attend this course.

Re-attunement to Reiki is also available upon request. Additional cost incurred. 

Reiki First Degree Training - Two Days - certificate received at the end of day two

  •  Four Attunements into Reiki, Usui and Tibetan Energies and Self Healing.

  • Student Level / self healing. You will receive four sacred attunements into the Reiki Energy. 

  • We will explore the history and principles of Reiki as discovered by Dr. Usui. 

  • You will learn and practice the techniques for self healing. 

  • You will experience and continue to develop your awareness of energy perception.

  •  Plenty of time for sharing as you become a channel for the Reiki Healing Energy.

  • Home practice is set and is required if you are wanting to continue onto Reiki Second Degree with me 

  • Three additional 2 hour mentoring sessions are included in the personal investment

 Personal Investment £150


Reiki Second Degree Practitioner Training - Two Days - certificate received once the home practice has been completed

  • Attunement to the sacred Reiki symbols, ability to channel energy for self others and distance healing.

  • Practitioner Level. Attunement to the Reiki Symbols which will amplify healing abilities.

  • Techniques for using the symbols in hands on healing, mental emotional healing and distant healing. 

  •  Plenty of time for practising, sharing and developing your personal healing awareness.

  • Home practice and case studies required for certification

  • Three additional 2 hour mentoring sessions are included in the personal investment
 Personal Investment £200

Reiki Third Degree Training - Two Days - certificate received at the end of day two

  • Reiki Master Practitioner Attunement to the Reiki Master symbol becoming master of your own destiny. 

  • Exploring Reiki self empowerment and a deepening of Reiki meditation. 

  • Living Reiki, being you.

 Personal Investment £350

Reiki Master Teacher Training - Two Days - certificate received once the home practice has been completed

  • Learning the Attunement process and the ability to teach others. 

  • Time practicing the Attunement process and meditation. 

  • Mentally picturing yourself giving Attunements.

  • Structured home practice is required for certification

  • Three additional 2 hour mentoring sessions are included in the personal investment 

 Personal Investment £555

For more information or an informal chat please telephone Amanda. 

All Reiki Workshops are filled with relaxation, meditation and love.