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The Hands of Light Therapies

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Angelic Card Readings

A very gently healing energy allowing the Angels to directly connect with you.

The Angels love to be invited to share their wisdom and love with you to bring about loving transformations within your emotional, mental and physical self. Each Angel has its own divine healing vibration within which they specialise and these specific attributes are involved in the Angelic Reading being received.

The Angels are very excited and joyful to be able to share their wisdom and insights to aid you on your healing journey. They want to support you on all levels with the aim of bringing your body, mind and spirit soul gently back into balance by sharing their words of wisdom with you. 

The Angels only ask that you are open to receiving their divine wisdom and love so that they can connect with the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

Amanda did my angel card readings after a Reiki session. I wasn't in a good place at the time. The readings made me feel happier and more motivated to change the way I look at life or problems in General. The cards that I chose were very appropriate for my state of mind at that time and Amanda interpreted them through the voices of the Angels, who I believe are there to guide us on the right path. I'm so happy I trusted in her, my life has changed considerably since I chose to be open minded and listen and remember the messages that were sent to me. Amanda has a special gift and I intend to go to her again in the future if I ever feel that I need reassurance or guidance.
Jess - Paignton

Oracle Card Readings are an ancient time honoured way of connecting to your Angels.

As I hold the cards that you have chosen, I am able to intuitively connect to the Angelic wisdom, energy frequency and offer an interpretation of the meaning of the cards.  The Angelic messages help to give more clarity and input into our lives.

The Angels will help you to gain a higher knowledge of the self while ensuring that we are safely guided on our life's journey.  Asking for their assistance, they will delight in providing you with their wisdom and guidance,  All you need to do is ASK.

What do my Angels want me to know? The message you receive is what you need to know right now. I can only say what I channel, it is not for me to know the depth of the meaning it has for you, you will know that. 

Having trained with Lisa Mechen and Jane Hutton - Virtue Angel Certificated Practitioners, both are very knowledgeable and inspirational ladies who have helped me to deepen my own knowledge and intuition, enabling me to establish my Angelic Connection.


Angelic Card Reading

Bluebell Healing Room:  60 Mins  £ 30


Bluebell Healing Room: To book an appointment for a Reading, or to discuss the possibility of me coming to you Contact Me


Disclaimer: Angelic Healing Card Readings do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe and is not a replacement for medical advice.

Always consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.